Editorial Standard and Disclosures

Our Editorial Standard

Our number one goal with An Affair to Remember is to add as much value as we can to the lives of our readers. We have a passion for uncovering and learning about all things related to  fashion and lifestyle, and an equal passion for passing on this knowledge to you, our readers.

We will continue to produce quality free content for as long as you are interested in reading it. We are under no illusions that you will only continue to return to the site if those quality standards are maintained.

To us, producing quality content includes being as transparent as possible.

FTC Disclosures and Affiliate Programs

We try to monetize this website in a few different ways to generate the income needed to keep www.affair-remember.com free and uncluttered. One of the ways we monetize the site is by participating in affiliate programs.

These programs allow retailers to partner with publishers and track where clicks to their websites are coming from. The retailers can then pay their affiliates (in this case, www.affair-remember.com) a commission for any sales resulting from that traffic.

In compliance with the FTC guidelines, please assume the following about all links, posts, photos and other material on this website:

Any/all of the links on this website are affiliate links of which www.affair-remember.com receives a small commission from sales of certain items. Nonetheless, the price will always be the same for you.

Do Our Affiliate Connections Influence Our Content Or Opinions of Products?

Absolutely not. To us, the long-term trust of our readers is much more valuable than any short-term (or even long-term) monetary gain.

Our recommendations are all made based on either our own style judgment or our opinion backed by extensive research.

How Do We Choose Which Products to Promote?

We don’t promote products which we haven’t personally tried ourselves and/or researched in depth.

If we choose to promote a product, our goal is simply to connect you with high-quality products and companies that we think may add value to your life.

What Does “Sponsored” Mean on An Affair to Remember?

An Affair to Remember aims to provide content that you may find relevant and useful. We may from time to time produce sponsored content in partnership with advertisers and affiliates, and An Affair to Remember may be compensated for our time in reviewing a product within such pages/posts.

This content may include direct links to merchants.

For transparency, and in accordance with FTC guidelines, we will always disclose the nature of this relationship in such posts.

The fact that a piece of content is sponsored will have no influence on the content itself or our opinions of any products mentioned.

Who Serves the Sponsored Content?

The Sponsored Content is served by www.affair-remember.com. Availability and item prices are accurate at the time of posting only. While all care is taken to maintain accuracy, actual retailer prices and availability may differ from those served by www.affair-remember.com.


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